Molo | Faculty Research | 2017-2018

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#Research TitleAuthorsProgram/Cluster
1Attitude Towards Naval Architecture Subject among Marine Engineering StudentsEnrique A. Ladiza, Allan A. RobertoN/A
2Best, Bold and Beautiful Me: The Pervasive Phenomenon of SelfieLouise May M. Lim, Elsie F. GanciaN/A
3Classroom-Based-Debate as a Teaching Strategy: Learnings in Philosophy Subject of BS Tourism StudentsRolando A. Alimen, Ronald S. BaynosaN/A
4Examining Studentsí Satisfaction towards a Higher Educational InstitutionRoland John Cyril F. EmagueN/A
5Factors Affecting the Teaching Efficiency of Senior High School (SHS) Teachers at JBLFMU-MoloMa. Marybec S. Guillergan, Ma. Elena S. PoralN/A
6Health and Fitness Activities: Assessment and Views of the Instructors at JBLFMU-MoloRolando A. Alimen, Ronald S. Baynosa, Reynaldo Y. Enovero, Rochel L. Lago, Amalio Z. Malhabor, Julian S. SepayaN/A
7Navigational Trip: Safety, Security, and Protection as Compliance to International StandardRolando A. Alimen, Roger M. Galve, Salvador F. Francisco, Cesar I. Mongan N/A
8Self-Paced Reading Activity and Reading Achievement among First Year Marine Engineering Students (Experimental Study)John Francis Caliston, Claudette B. LaganipaN/A
9Solid Waste Management: Perception, Views, and Learnings of Polaris StudentsRolando A. Alimen, Jose Sisendo G. Dizon, Nerios S. Cortejo, Renie D. Batuigas, Rene L. Loreno N/A
10Studentsí Anxiety, Academic Performance, and Realizations in English-1A (Speech Communication and Public Speaking) Among BS Tourism Students of JBLFMU-Molo, Iloilo City, Philippines.Ruth E. BayhonN/A
11Waste Management of JBLFMU-Molo: Perceptions, Reasons, and Views of Faculty Members and StaffRolando A. Alimen, Cesar I. Mongan, Roger M. Galve, Marlou T. Garcia, Gene Lee M. NavarraN/A