Molo | Faculty Research | 2019-2020

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#Research TitleAuthorsProgram/Cluster
1A Proposed Module for the Development of Resiliency among the Company-Sponsored Cadets at JBLFMU-MoloDonie Alvon M. MañosaN/A
2Adopt-A-Tree Program of the Maritime University: Learnings and Challenges towards Environmental Education (EE) and Global Warming Mitigation (GWM)Robert O. Parcia, Rolando A. AlimenN/A
3Body Mass Index among Employees at Maritime UniversityCamila Jill R. Belandres, Rolando A. AlimenN/A
4Bodyweight Exercise and Body Mass Index (BMI) among First Year Students of the College of Business for School Year 2018-2019 at Maritime University, PhilippinesCamila Jill R. Belandres, Caesarine S. Laguardia, Chona G. Tacaisan, Jane Anne M. Bilbao N/A
5Environmental-Education: Teaching-Approach Model towards Environmental-TourismRolando A. Alimen, Ronald S. BaynosaN/A
6Fishing Practices and the Preservation of Coral Reefs: Promotion for Sustainable LivelihoodMelalyn M. ServentoN/A
7Graduate Attributes Imbibed by College of Business StudentsAngeli N. SebastianN/A
8In the midst of the unthinkable: Phenomenological Life-world Approach to the Experiences of the Survivors during a Sea TragedyRolando A. Alimen, Ma. Cecilia D. Alimen, Victor B. JalecoN/A
9Internalization of Core Values among Graduating Business StudentsAngeli N. SebastianN/A
10Lifelong Learning among Faculty Members at JBLFMU-Molo, Inc.April Joy D. Palma, Marijule P. Lapating, Immanuel L. Fainsan N/A
11Profile of First Year BS Cruise Ship Management Students at JBLFMU-Molo, Inc.Febe Rose L. TorresN/A
12Role of Laboratory Trainers in Enhancing the Drawing Skills: Experimental StudyDona Jean D. Castigador, Eddie D. Cabayao, Lyndre B. Bito-onon, Roland John Cyril F. Emague N/A
13Students’ Satisfaction towards Internet Services of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo, Inc.Donald G. Pelaez, Marie Antoniette M. LozadaN/A
14The Lifelong Learning and Work-Life Balance among Faculty Members at JBLFMU-Molo, Inc.Ive D. Sta. Ana, Dr. Nonie C. Maravillas, Dr. Cynthia T. QuerimitN/A
15The Spanish Element in Hiligaynon: A Morphologic AnalysisJulienne Marie S. SumosotN/A
16Utilization of Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Results of Maritime University in South East AsiaJasper J. Victoriano, Rolando A. AlimenN/A
17Women Empowerment in Leading Environmental Education (EE) and Waste Management Advocacy (WMA) among Mothers in the Maritime University (JBLFMU-Molo), PhilippinesRolando A. Alimen, Emily R. Portal, Ma. Eddie A. Sia, Camila Jill R. Belandres, Elsie F. Gancia N/A
18Work-life Balance among Faculty Members at JBLFMU-Molo, Inc.April Joy D. Palma, Marijule P. Lapating, Immanuel L. FainsanN/A