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#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleUnitOpen Link
1Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Pathway towards Excellence in Maritime Education and Training (MET)Rolando Alimen, Nerios Cortejo, Julian Sepaya, Emily PortalArchives of Business Research JournalMoloOpen Link
2In the midst of the Unthinkable: Phenomenological Life-World Approach to the Experiences of the Survivors during the Sea Tragedy Rolando Alimen, Ma. Cecilia Alimen, Victor JalecoIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary ResearchMoloOpen Link
3Status of maritime students’ mental health during pandemic: Basis for the development of student enhancement program Sira, K. D., Sarinas, B. G. S., , Miranda, R. Z.International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, & Reviewers (IASPER) Interdisciplinary Research JournalArevaloOpen Link
4Officers’ Shortage: Viewpoints from StakeholdersG. Eler, J. Calambuhay, L. Bernas & M. MagramoTRANSNAV (International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation)ArevaloOpen Link
5Fungal communities in bunker C oil-impacted sites off southern Guimaras, Philippines: a post-spill assessment of Solar 1 oil spillSadaba, Resurreccion & Sarinas, Brian GilBotanica MarinaArevaloOpen Link
6Plankton Diversity in Ballast Water of an Inter-island Passenger-Cargo Ship Calling the Philippine PortsBrian Gil S. Sarinas, Lorna D. Gellada, Melchor M. Magramo, Lovell O. Baria, Danny B. Tirazona, Lynbelle Rose D. Sorio and Jilla A. TornalejoAsian Journal of BiodiversityArevaloOpen Link
7Adsorption and Biomass Concentration of Thraustochytrid Schizochytrium aggregatum (Goldstein and Belsky) in Bunker C OilSarinas, B.G., Gellada, L., Torrigue, M.L., Sibonga, D., Torrato, E. Malagad, J., Feril, J., Bondoc, L.A., Roncal, J.C., & Tornalejo, J.Journal of Environmental Science and ManagementArevaloOpen Link
8The Success Story of Capt. Angelex A. Panes on Board the M/V SKS TieteSarinas, B.G. and Ellaga, M. E.Journal of Shipping and Ocean EngineeringArevaloOpen Link
9Conative Domain: Volitional Strategies towards the Academic Performance of Maritime StudentsSarinas, Brian Gil, Germo, Roderick, Tagulalap, John Carl, & Graza, Thomas RichardIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary ResearchArevaloOpen Link
10A MoDeL toWARDS DeVeLoPInG LIFe SKILLS AMonG MARItIMe StUDentS FoR LonGeR SeRVICe At SeAEvidente, L., Magramo, M., Sarinas, B.G., Estimo, E., & Alimen, R.IAMUArevaloOpen Link