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31Solid Waste Management: Compliance, Practices, Destination and Impact among Merchant Vessels Docking in iloilo Ports, PhilippinesSarinas, B.G., Docto, D., Dumaicos, M., & Flores, J.R.P.Journal of Maritime ResearchArevaloInternationalOpen Link
32Women Seafarers: Solution to Shortage of Competent Officers?Magramo, Melchor & Eler, Geneva TRANSNAV (International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation)ArevaloInternationalOpen Link
33Heavy Metals in the Water Column of Iloilo-Guimaras Jetty Port (Parola Wharf )Sarinas, B.G., Magramo, M., Gellada, L., Teruñez, M., Inocencio, G., Duero, C.E., Segunla, G. & Cleofas, F.K.IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and ConservationArevaloInternationalOpen Link
34A Seven-Year History of Growth in Research at a Maritime Institution of Higher LearningEmeliza T. Estimo, Luis G. Evidente, Geneveve M. AguilarDevelopment Education Journal of Multidisciplinary ResearchBacolodInternationalOpen Link
35Ecofriendly Alternative Solutions for Rust RemovalSarinas, B.G., Gellada, L., Somosa, R., Paragon,T., Alonsabe, M., Balitucha, P., Molleda, J., Tumadiang Jr., D., & Verano, J.L.Time Journals of Biological Sciences and TechnologyArevaloInternationalOpen Link
36Young Seafarers on Board International Vessels: What Life Has BeenEmeliza T. Estimo, Jed Y. Azucena, Ronnie C. MontañoIAMURE International Journal of Social SciencesBacolodInternationalOpen Link
37Adsorption and Biomass Concentration of Thraustochytrid Schizochytrium aggregatum (Goldstein and Belsky) in Bunker C OilSarinas, B.G., Gellada, L., Torrigue, M.L., Sibonga, D., Torrato, E., Malgagd, J., Feril, J., Bondoc, L.A., Roncal, J.C., & Tornalejo, J. Journal of Environmental Science and ManagementArevaloInternationalOpen Link
38Heavy Metal Concentration in Seawater at Villa Beach, Iloilo City, PhilippinesSarinas, B.G., Gellada, L., Alfonsa, J.K., Domiquel, K., Gumawa, L.R., Malan, J., & Umali, J.V.IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and ConservationArevaloInternationalOpen Link
39Ballast Water Treatment Methods of International Vessels Docking in Loboc Port, Iloilo City, PhilippinesSarinas, B.G., Gellada, L., Ardales, D.I., Chavez, K., Corbal, J.J., Maco, J., & Ubal, P. P.Journal of Shipping and Ocean EngineeringArevaloInternationalOpen Link
40Assessment of Heavy Metals in Sediments of Iloilo Batiano River, PhilippinesSarinas, B.G., Gellada,L., Jamolangue, E., Teruñez, M. & Flores, J.R.P.International Journal of Environmental Science and DevelopmentArevaloInternationalOpen Link