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#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleUnitOpen Link
51The Use of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) in Improving the Student Performance in Navigation 3 (Terrestrial and Coastal Navigation) Navallasca, Maria Corazon, Dumaicos, Mario, & Atanacio NarcisoJournal of Shipping and Ocean EngineeringArevaloInternationalOpen Link
52Onboard Lived Experiences of Deck Cadets: Moments of Work and SurvivalSarinas, Brian Gil & Tagulalap, John CarlProceedings of the 18th International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) Annual General AssemblyArevaloInternationalOpen Link
53A Model Towards Developing Life Skills Among Maritime Students for Longer Service at SeaEvidente, L., Magramo, M., Sarinas, B.G., Estimo, E., & Alimen, R.Proceedings of the 18th International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) Annual General AssemblyArevaloInternationalOpen Link
54Employeesďż˝ Financial Literacy, Behavior, Stress and WellnessRobert O. Parcia, Emeliza T. EstimoJournal of Human Resource Management (JHRM)BacolodInternationalOpen Link
55Understanding Employees Preferences: Their Work Values, Environment, Interaction and ActivitiesEmeliza T. Estimo, Geneveve M. AguilarScience Journal of EducationBacolodInternationalOpen Link
56Final Report IAMU 2017 Research Project No. 20170305 Gender Equality and Cultural Awareness in Maritime Education and Training (GECAMET)Cristina Dragomir, Nichole Azirh, Angelica Baylon, Junchul Choi, Emeliza Estimo, Alejandro Leon, Van Nguyen, James Parsons, Tine Viveka Westerberg, Wei ZhangIAMU Final Report of 2017 Research ProjectsBacolodInternationalOpen Link
57Industry Stakeholders’ Satisfaction on the Work Competencies of the Business Department GraduatesAna Juline C. Dangallo, Darlene D. SabandalEducation JournalBacolodInternationalOpen Link
58Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Evaluating Economic Efficiency of Gender Policies in Shipping Companies with Mixed CrewsCristina Dragomir, James Parsons, Jinchul Choi, Emeliza EstimoConstanta Maritime University AnnalsBacolodInternationalOpen Link
59Aquasilvi Project: Impacts to Constituents in Guimaras, PhilippinesRolando A. Alimen, Krizna Joy C. Belencion, Cesar I. Mongan, Marlou T. GarciaRoyal Institution Singapore Research JournalMoloInternationalOpen Link
60Adopt-A-Tree Program of the Maritime University: Learnings and Challenges towards Environmental Education (EE) and Global Warming Mitigation (GWM)Robert O. Parcia, Rolando A. AlimenIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and ConservationMoloInternationalOpen Link