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#Article TitleAuthorsJournal TitleUnitOpen Link
81Funneling Teaching Strategies to Enhance Students’ Learning, Retention, and Academic PerformanceRuby D. Causing, Cynthia Buga-ayGlobus Journal of Progressive EducationBacolodInternationalOpen Link
82COVID-19 stressors on university employees’ mental health: Basis for the development of an enhancement programCangrejo, C. H., Sarinas, B. G. S., & Tan, V. American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and InnovationArevaloInternationalOpen Link
83Awareness, attitude, and practices on solid waste management: bases for an enhanced environmental management systemLamprea, L. L. G.International Journal of Open-access, Interdisciplinary and New Educational Discoveries of ETCOR Educational Research Center (iJOINED ETCOR)ArevaloInternationalOpen Link
84Acceptability of the e-learning module in seamanship (trim, stability, and stress)Gabasa, C. K. S., & Victoriano, D. Maritime Research and Technology JournalArevaloInternationalOpen Link