Empowering Excellence: 2023-2024 Research Proposals Undergo Rigorous External Review

In a bid to foster innovation and research excellence, JBLCF-Bacolod recently concluded its 2023-2024 Oral Presentation and External Review of Research Proposals. The event, held over three days from October 19 to 23, 2023, showcased the culmination of extensive research efforts initiated after the successful Research Capability Enhancement Workshop conducted from September 6 to 8, 2023.

The culmination of these efforts saw the unveiling of these meticulously crafted proposals to a panel of esteemed external reviewers composed of Dr. Cindy P. Sison , MT II/Subject Group Head, Sum-ag National High School; Dr. Carmen Menes, Head, Research Accreditation and Quality Management Office, La Concolacion College-Bacolod; Capt. Jorge P. Aborde, Assesor/Course Developer, JBLFMU; Dr. Stephen D. Solidarios, Associate Prof 1, Carlos Hilado Memorial State University-Alijis; Dr. Angeli Sebastian, Dean, College of Business & Management, JBLFMU-Molo; and Dr. Rolando Alimen, Research Coordinator, JBLFMU-Molo. These reviewers, eminent figures in their respective domains, lent their expertise to assess the scholarly merit, methodological rigor, and potential impact of each proposal.

The process was marked by rigorous scrutiny and constructive feedback, providing invaluable insights to the researchers as they embark on their respective projects. The collaboration between the institution’s internal experts and external reviewers serves as a testament to the commitment of JBLCF-Bacolod to maintain the highest standards of quality in research.


JBLFMU-A’s Faculty Research Recognized as Top 10 in CHED’s ASEAN Research Conference

In a significant achievement, John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc. has garnered recognition from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in Region VI. Their faculty research paper, titled “The Extent of Application on Hard and Soft Skills Onboard Ship: Basis for Development of Program to Enhance Seafarers’ Skills,” authored by 2/M Jester B. De la cruz and co-authored by Capt. Nestor L. Baluya and Capt. Kester R. Ledesma has been honored as one of the top 10 research papers at the 1st Region VI ASEAN Research Conference 2023.

2/M De la cruz expressed their gratitude for the recognition, saying, “We are beyond blessed because our work has been recognized by experts in the field and that it has the potential to make a significant contribution to the maritime perspective.”

“When we were talking about this topic, we didn’t just talk about what interests us, but also about what can benefit the industry we chose,” said Capt. Kester R. Ledesma.

Dr. Brian Gil Sarinas and the members of the Research Committee played a pivotal role in supporting the research team throughout this journey, offering valuable insights and guidance.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy, given that their paper was selected from over 50 manuscripts submitted to CHED Regional Office VI.

The research not only provides a platform for faculty researchers to share their work but also fosters collaboration, networking, and the exchange of insights on ASEAN-related research trends.

JBLFMU-A sparks educational innovation through research, best practices workshop

The faculty and staff of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc. converged for the Unit Annual Research Colloquium, Sharing of Best Practice, and Research Utilization Workshop 2023.

This event was a showcase of innovative research presentations in the morning session, underlining the interplay between theory and practicality in maritime education.

Instructors delved into creative methodologies for implementing research findings into their teaching approaches and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, during the afternoon session, the Senior High School department exhibited successful practices that have led to concrete improvements led by their Principal, Mrs. Mary Mae Jun P. Esmaya. The study, “INFIT: The Legacy of the Infinite Fitness Program,” served as inspiration for instructors to explore inventive approaches to enhancing student well-being.

Moreover, the event underscored the significance of “collaborative learning, effective research application, and pioneering best practices.”


JBLFMU-A hosts successful Research Capability Training, fosters a culture of research excellence

In a productive start to the week, John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc. organized its annual Research Capability Training for 2023. The event saw active participation from Department Heads, Faculty Researchers, as well as selected students from Graduate School, BS Criminology, Bachelor of Science Marine Transportation (2nd year), Grade 11, and Grade 12, all gathered at the JBL Hall on October 23.

The program opened with a warm welcome from the school administrator, Captain Alfred G. Espinosa, Ph.D. Following this, Dr. Melchor M. Magramo, Director of JBLFMU Research and Extension, presented a compelling case for the importance of research at JBLFMU. The event was further enriched by the presence of Dr. Lovella S. Divigrancia, a distinguished Professional Educator, Trainer, and Researcher, who served as the guest speaker.

The research review segment of the event featured an interactive examination of survey research, along with an engaging open forum that delved into the cutting-edge issues in education. Notably, one faculty member highlighted a pressing concern, describing a “mismatch” problem where certain graduates or students struggled to pass company examinations.

Dr. Lovella S. Divigrancia stressed the pivotal role of research in informed decision-making, particularly within the university. She emphasized, “Research can guide us in reviewing and making well-informed decisions for the betterment of the university.”

The event underscored the indispensable value of research, especially for students, in molding world-class seafarers capable of delivering knowledgeable performance at the highest standards. It encouraged the cultivation of creativity, complexity, and collaborative efforts among teachers, promoting essential qualities in students.

Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas, in his closing statement, wholeheartedly encouraged fellow department heads, faculty members, and administrative staff to actively participate in research efforts aimed at enhancing the university’s quality and overall performance.

The program reached its conclusion with Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas expressing heartfelt appreciation for all the participants, acknowledging their dedication, even amidst busy schedules.


Two researchers of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo presented the results of their studies at the University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during the International Research Conference of SEAAIR (South East Asian Association for Institutional Research)  last September 26-28, 2023. Dr. Stella S. Cantor, a faculty member of the College of Business presented her study “English Teachers’ Out-of-Field” and Dr. Rolando A. Alimen, Research Coordinator also presented his study “Seafaring Profession: Edge of Filipino Seafarers” with delegates from different countries in this international conference.

The study of Dr. Alimen is about the Filipino country’s pride, attributes, and characteristics. Filipino seafarers are the most preferred seamen because of their many virtues and professionalism that significantly contributed to the Philippines and the global maritime industry. This qualitative phenomenological study was conceived to determine the edge of Filipino seafarers among other nationalities on board. The results of this study depict how Filipino seafarers work and respond to the seafaring world and their lived experiences while onboard. Through this phenomenological study, the lived experiences of Filipino seafarers in terms of the different concepts, themes, and personal stories will be derived from their lived experiences. The recruited seafarers were contacted through referral and were qualified on specific criteria, the source of information, and whose narratives were gathered and documented to establish the study’s objectives. The study of Dr. Cantor aimed to present the participants’ out-of-field teaching and their initiatives. The researcher used inductive thematic analysis to explore and generate “themes” from the interview. Different themes emerged from the monograph as an educational resource that would serve as a reference for researchers and educators who are interested in the field and wish to explore the context of out-of-field teaching.