12th JBLFMU-A Research Colloquium Honors Top BSMT Student Researchers in Oral and Poster Presentations

Written by: Mdpn. Alexis Carl Tabasin

Reinforcing the University’s commitment to world-class research, Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime Univeristy (Arevalo), Inc.’s students showcased their research prowess at the 12th Student Research Colloquium held at the JBL Lobby last May 24, 2024.

Overall Ranking Awards:

First Place:
“Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Strategies through the Lens of Blended Learning: Basis for the Development of an Intervention Program”

  • This study also received the Best Paper award and Mdpn. Francis C. Baldemor was recognized as the Best Oral Presenter
  • Research Leader: Mdpn. Mark Daniel Z. Pragale
  • Members: Mdpn. Kerrei N. Adurante, Mdpwn. Thea Marie S. Aldamar, Mdpn. Ryean Phep A. Bacayo, Mdpn. Francis C. Baldemor, Mdpn. Jan Ernie A. Cabe, Mdpwn. Jannah Mae S. Pidoy, Mdpn. Marc Jesfer M. Villanueva
  • Adviser: Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas

Second Place:
“Level of Psycho-Social Adjustments among Ilonggo Seafarers: Post-Pandemic Analysis”

  • Research Leader: Mdpn. Christian Emilbert C. Coo
  • Members: Mdpn. Septer John T. Alfaro, Mdpn. Joshua Andrei B. Aspero, Mdpn. Joshua M. Avila, Mdpn. Prince Leman G. Bullos, Mdpn. Lloyd Mclaine Y. Eradio, Mdpn. Shadrach T. Jondanero, Mdpn. Jowell B. Surmieda
  • Adviser: Dr. Emilie C. Coo

Third Place:
“Extent of Female Students’ Acquired Skills: Basis for Program Enhancement”

  • Research Leader: Mdpn. Antonio F. Montalban Jr.
  • Members: Mdpn. J P. Aguadera, Mdpn. Luke Gerald B. Altura, Mdpn. Ernesto H. Ciriaco III, Mdpn. John Kennith O. Concepcion, Mdpn. Mark Anthony C. Ranises, Mdpn. Dinwel M. Rondael, Mdpn. Arcyne John N. Sermeno
  • Adviser: Dr. Roderick R. Germo

Poster Presentation Awards:

First Place:
“The Use of Algae as an Alternative Biodegraders of Plastic”

  • Research Leader: Mdpn. Kent RD S. Questorio
  • Members: Mdpn. Carl Jullian A. Alidron, Mdpn. Arnold S. Bugna Jr., Mdpn. Ceejay Mykel S. Camprecio, Mdpn. Jeush Joel G. Mañosa, Mdpn. Angelo P. Pedines, Mdpn. Junnel H. Retirado, Mdpn. Reynald E. Tejero
  • Adviser: Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas

Second Place:
“Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Female Maritime Students: Basis for Enhancement Program”

  • Research Leader: Mdpn. John Euclid P. Parreño
  • Members: Mdpn. Gerard Kristiene M. Alagos, Mdpn. Joemar Raey L. Batallones, Mdpn. Johnner V. Bela-Ong, Mdpn. Augustine Leonard B. Denila, Mdpn. Charles P. Magos, Mdpn. Alexis Carl B. Tabasin, Mdpn. Jhon Erick F. Zapanza
  • Adviser: Dr. Roderick R. Germo

Third Place:
“Coping Mechanisms and Difficulties of Maritime Graduates from Online Classes to Face-to-Face Trainings”

  • Research Leader: Mdpn. Lorenz Andre B. Solano
  • Members: Mdpn. Cean David D. Barrion, Mdpn. John Walter G. Chua, Mdpn. James Alwyn G. Gandecila, Mdpn. Charles Micko A. Genodia, Mdpn. Kiel John C. Guerrero, Mdpn. Zyian Bryle V. Luces, Mdpn. Joannes Mykhelle Yxl P. Pauya
  • Adviser: Dr. Roderick R. Germo


The esteemed panelists for the oral presentation were Dr. Rolando A. Alimen; Capt. Jorge P. Aborde; and Dr. Nenita V. Quinon. Meanwhile, the poster presentation judges were 2/M Loren Steve G. Glumalid, Mrs. Clarence Kay S. Gabasa, and 2/M Aldin L. Turija.

This annual colloquium exemplifies the University’s dedication to academic excellence and continuous research improvement.