Research Policies


  1. All members of the faculty are required to come up with at least one (1) research output every three years.  
  2. There shall be a pool of editors for each unit who shall be paid accordingly to edit the research outputs. (Reference: Honoraria as editors)  
  3. The existing procedures in conducting research shall be followed by all faculty/staff whose proposals have been approved by the Unit Research Committee.   
  4. Research is a requirement for permanency and reclassification/ranking of faculty members. A certificate of completion will be awarded to the faculty as evidence to his/her compliance.  
  5. A research output can be presented twice only in any of the following levels: unit/in-house, system, regional, national, or international. Any paper presented for the third time or more shall not anymore be entitled an incentive.   
  6. For the same paper presented more than once in different fora, the Institution shall pay the higher amount only.  
  7. Papers accepted for external presentation must be presented only by the lead author or his/her co-author.  
  8. A research output or paper must be published in one journal only to prevent the readers/researchers from confusion in citation.  This could lead to a one or concentrated source of citation only. Once published, it can no longer be published in any journal.  
  9. The incentive given to publication must be higher than the incentive for paper presentation.