Aezel Segovia of JBLCF-Bacolod conquers international stage

Deck cadet Aezel Segovia, an NSA BSMT 4 student of JBLCF-Bacolod, carried the torch of excellence as one of the chosen representatives of JBLFMU during the 17th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities-Students Category held in Varna, Bulgaria on October 14, 2017. Her presentation highlighted the challenges of work and rest hours onboard sea-going vessels which is now identified as one of the recurring issues in shipping. D/C Segovia amazed the participants of the conference who were representatives of various maritime institutions, not only by the study that she presented but also by her impressive presentation. Her speaking prowess and display of confidence in responding to the questions posed by the audience made her win the FIRST PLACE IN ORAL RESEARCH PRESENTATION.

Deck Cadet Segovia was asked to present her paper again at the plenary session for IAMU where global maritime industry representatives meet annually. This led her to grab another award—a CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION FOR ARTISTIC SELF-IMPROVEMENT—noting her distinct performance and presentation skills and excellent command of English. A representative from the Gender Equality and Cultural Awareness in Maritime Education and Training (GECAMET) research project specifically applauded her study and presentation.

The entire title of the presentation was “Level of Implementation, Compliance, and Effectiveness of the Maritime Labor Convention Regulations on Work and Rest Hours.” The paper was started by a team of cadets composed of Rofel V. Jino-o, Christopher Paul E. Caldo, and Carl Lester A. Pasilan, her seniors in JBLCF-Bacolod, and was continued under the tutelage of Dr. Emeliza T. Estimo, to raise attention internationally.

Deck Cadet Segovia joined Grieg Star when she was about to begin her second year at JBLF Maritime University in Bacolod. She was described by Jannicke Steen, Grieg Star Head of Maritime Human Resource as “a sharp, tough and articulate young woman.” Steen further testified, “Aezel’s comprehension of the English language was impressive, and she showed no fears, just pure confidence.”

Despite the financial challenges that her family is facing, Deck Cadet Segovia looks positively at every aspect of life. Her success at the IAMU is proof that she is courageous and resolute in facing whatever challenge is placed on her lap. Kudos to you, our dear Aezel, JBLCF-Bacolod’s pride!