JBLFMU recognizes its research achievers

Several research achievers from the three academic units of JBLFMU were recognized by no other than the CEO himself, Dr. Ronald Raymond L. Sebastian, for their invaluable contribution to the field of research. These are the men and women who have set the sail in research and have given honor to their respective campuses and JBLFMU as a whole in the national and international landscape.

Two classifications of awards were conferred to the research achievers according to their contribution to the university. These awards include a Certificate of Recognition granted to those who have met at least one to two items of the criteria. Moreover, a Certificate of Research Distinction is awarded to those who have earned a meritorious achievement in research based on the number of studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals, number of citations, external research collaborations, and prestigious awards received from external bodies, placing JBLFMU at the forefront thereby advancing the university’s pursuit of international recognition.

A Certificate of Research Distinction was awarded to the following deserving research achievers: Dr. Emeliza T. Estimo, Dr. Sylvino V. Tupas, Dr. Araceli C. Doromal, and Miss Geneveve M. Aguilar of JBLCF-Bacolod; Dr. Melchor M. Magramo, Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas, Engr. Roderick R. Germo, Ph.D., Dr. Marlon R. Terunez, and Mr. June Raymund Peter V. Flores of JBLFMU-Arevalo; and Dr. Rolando A. Alimen, Dr. Victor B. Jaleco, and Ronald S. Baynosa of JBLFMU-Molo.






Meanwhile, JBLFMU has awarded a Certificate of Recognition to Mrs. Ana Juline C. Dangallo, Mrs. Darlene D. Sabandal, 3/E Ronnie C. Montaño, Engr. Jed Y. Azucena of JBLCF-Bacolod; Dr. Zima G. Tarantan, Dr. Cicero D. Ortizo, Engr. Lyndre B. Bito-onon, Engr. Salvador F. Francisco, Mr. Rudy G. Perez, Dr. Jasper J. Victoriano, Dr. Angeli N. Sebastian, and Engr. Nilo B. Ortega of JBLFMU-Molo; and Engr. Roberto Neal S. Sobrejuanite, Dr. Ma. Lona T. Torrigue, Dr. Geneva M. Eler, Ma. Louella B. Bernas, C/M Danny B. Tirazona, Dr. Maria Corazon S. Navallasca, Clarence Kay D. Soliva, Dr. Shirley G. Hampac, Dr. Mary Jean L. De La Cruz, Mary Mar Esmana, and Jose Maria S. Superio of JBLFMU-Arevalo. Capt. Luis G. Evidente, Executive Assistant to the CEO, and Mr. Robert O. Parcia, Administrator of JBLFMU-Molo, also received a Certificate of Recognition for their achievement on research publication during their watch as former Administrators of JBLCF-Bacolod.

Research has evolved as one of the university’s strong pillars on equal footing with Instruction and Community Extension. Much appreciation is accorded to these employees who have made JBLFMU more internationally visible in the field of research. This recognition may be a small gesture, but for those who went out of their way to choose the road less taken, this gesture means so much. With Dr. Melchor M. Magramo being at the helm as the Director for Research and Extension of JBLFMU, we hope to reach more research milestones for the university.