Lacsonian Mentors Bag Best Paper Awards in NOSTE 2021

By: Mr. Norman F. Daliva

Three Lacsonian mentors bagged Best Paper Awards in NOSTE 2021 International Research Conference, Training Workshop, and Biennial Convention with the theme, “Science Education in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World,” which was held last September 11, 18, and 25 via Zoom.

Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas, JBLFMU-Arevalo Research Coordinator, placed second for Best Paper Award for his study “Mental Health of Filipino Seafarers: The Contributory Factors and the Strategies Applied Onboard Ship.” Dr. Ma. Lona T. Torrigue, BSMT faculty member, and Mr. Norman F. Daliva, a SHS faculty member, placed third in the same category for their respective studies: “The Use of Institutional Development Grant (IDIG) E-module to improve the Students’ Academic Performance in NGEC 7 (Science, Technology and Society) and “Development of Vocabulary Quizzes in the 21st Century Literature for Senior High School”.

A total of 82 paper presenters coming from different educational institutions participated in the parallel sessions. The participants were empowered with scientific, mathematical, and research-focused knowledge during the plenary sessions with distinguished professors and foreign speakers sharing their insights and expertise and highlighting the following topics: “Using Online Tools in Teaching Statistics,” “Overcoming Challenges of Doing Research during the Pandemic,” and “Teaching Mathematics in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous Times.”

Some of the presenters also shared their insights. According to Mr. Daliva, “The best part of the experience is knowing the possibilities of research and how it can address instructional problems being met by teachers in the teaching field. I thought my idea of creating vocabulary quizzes was already different. But, I was amazed at how other presenters dared to use more unconventional approaches with their respective studies.”

Dr. Torrigue added, “The IDIG e-module was a great blessing not only that it prepared us for the demands of new normal education and sustained us during the K-12 transition but it also became a tool for educators like me to present a learning innovation in a prestigious conference like NOSTE”.

The National Organization of Science Teachers (NOSTE) is a professional teacher organization that caters to science teachers at all levels, science educators, science enthusiasts, and scientists. Over time, it broadens its membership base with higher education institutions. It conducts the annual NOSTE conference with “Call for Paper and Presentation” as its flagship event having the request of payment for presentation and registration done internationally. “We are glad to endorse the two manuscripts for possible publication in the prestigious Journal of Science Teachers and Educators (JOSTE), the journal arm of NOSTE. It only shows how Lacsonian mentors continue to find means in making our university processes better through the aid of research and innovation,” Dr. Sarinas shared.