CES officer presents paper at the ICONEX 2021

by: Dr. Shirley G. Hampac

Dr. Shirley G. Hampac, JA CES Officer, presented virtually her paper entitled “Public-Private Partnership: The Driving Force Behind the Adopt-a-Linis-Estero Program” at the International Conference on Extension (ICONEX) organized by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines on August 20, 2021. The paper was placed under the environmental category.

The two-day conference with the theme, “Addressing Sustainable Development Goals Towards Equity, Empowerment and Gender Equality,” started on August 19, 2021.

Dr. Hampac said that “joining in the conferences, especially as a paper presenter, was a nerve-wracking experience, from the preparation of slides, revision according to the required guidelines of the organizer and even beating of deadlines for submission. But it was all worth doing it because it gave me pride that my paper was accepted at an international level, and a sense of fulfillment that I have reached a greater venue of disseminating across the globe the knowledge I have generated from the study”.

She added, “most of all, attending this conference gave me more insights about realities from the neighboring Asian and western countries on issues like protection of migrants, mental health during this pandemic, gender development, and equality. As a whole, the conference has given me a renewed motivation to pursue greater challenges in the CES perspectives amid the limitations and threats posed by the pandemic.”