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College of Maritime Education Researchers of JBLCF-Bacolod Go International

November 2021 has been another productive year for JBLCF-Bacolod with the successful paper presentations of two of our active researchers in the College of Maritime Education.

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Dr. Joecil T. Solidarios, a Physical Education instructor, successfully presented her paper entitled, “Effect of Audio-Visual Instruction on Front Crawl Swimming Performance of First-Year BSMT Students” at the 21st Annual Conference of the South East Asian Association for Institutional Research (SEAAIR) on November 23-24, 2021. Due to travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic, this year’s SEAAIR conference was held virtually and was participated in by countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The theme of the conference was “Diversity in Education.” Dr. Solidarios has consistently been an active researcher and member of the Unit Research Committee of JBLCF-Bacolod. In her statement, she said, I am grateful to Dr. Emeliza Estimo, my student participants, our PE instructors, Ms. Geneveve Aguilar, 2/M Eleno Sing, Engr. Roberto Neal Sobrejuanite and my husband Stephen Solidarios, for their support in making this research and presentation possible. All glory belongs to our dear Almighty God!”


Maritime Education Researchers of JBLCF-Bacolod Go International Libertad ImageAnother feat worthy of recognition is that by Ms. Alyn G. Libertad of the College of Maritime Education. Miss Libertad successfully presented her paper entitled “Online Learning: A 21st-Century Alternative Approach to Maritime Education” at the 3rd International Research Conference on Teach Education and Indigenous Peoples Education held on November 20-27 and December 4, 2021 and hosted by the Philippine Normal University. She brought home the bacon by winning the Best Research Presenter Award among more than 100 presenting researchers at the conference.

Dr. Solidarios and Miss Libertad have been instrumental in helping Bacolod meet one of our Research AOP targets for this school year. But more than that, it is the values that they had learned —the strengthened work values, the honed skills, the fears they had overcome, the fulfillment from having achieved something more for themselves and others, and the gratitude that comes from a grateful heart—that had made the experience something worth remembering.