Two researchers of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo presented the results of their studies at the University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during the International Research Conference of SEAAIR (South East Asian Association for Institutional Research)  last September 26-28, 2023. Dr. Stella S. Cantor, a faculty member of the College of Business presented her study “English Teachers’ Out-of-Field” and Dr. Rolando A. Alimen, Research Coordinator also presented his study “Seafaring Profession: Edge of Filipino Seafarers” with delegates from different countries in this international conference.

The study of Dr. Alimen is about the Filipino country’s pride, attributes, and characteristics. Filipino seafarers are the most preferred seamen because of their many virtues and professionalism that significantly contributed to the Philippines and the global maritime industry. This qualitative phenomenological study was conceived to determine the edge of Filipino seafarers among other nationalities on board. The results of this study depict how Filipino seafarers work and respond to the seafaring world and their lived experiences while onboard. Through this phenomenological study, the lived experiences of Filipino seafarers in terms of the different concepts, themes, and personal stories will be derived from their lived experiences. The recruited seafarers were contacted through referral and were qualified on specific criteria, the source of information, and whose narratives were gathered and documented to establish the study’s objectives. The study of Dr. Cantor aimed to present the participants’ out-of-field teaching and their initiatives. The researcher used inductive thematic analysis to explore and generate “themes” from the interview. Different themes emerged from the monograph as an educational resource that would serve as a reference for researchers and educators who are interested in the field and wish to explore the context of out-of-field teaching.