JBLFMU-A sparks educational innovation through research, best practices workshop

The faculty and staff of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc. converged for the Unit Annual Research Colloquium, Sharing of Best Practice, and Research Utilization Workshop 2023.

This event was a showcase of innovative research presentations in the morning session, underlining the interplay between theory and practicality in maritime education.

Instructors delved into creative methodologies for implementing research findings into their teaching approaches and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, during the afternoon session, the Senior High School department exhibited successful practices that have led to concrete improvements led by their Principal, Mrs. Mary Mae Jun P. Esmaya. The study, “INFIT: The Legacy of the Infinite Fitness Program,” served as inspiration for instructors to explore inventive approaches to enhancing student well-being.

Moreover, the event underscored the significance of “collaborative learning, effective research application, and pioneering best practices.”