RA Enhances Research Leadership Skills through De La Salle University’s Engaging Program

JBLCF-Bacolod’s Research Assistant, Mr. Rogie E. Padernal, a faculty member in Mathematics education, embarked on a transformative journey. From February 16 to 18, 2023, Padernal actively participated in a dynamic 3-day Short Course on Research Leadership, orchestrated through Zoom by De La Salle University-Manila.

This visionary initiative was tailored for faculty members from diverse higher education institutions, all united by a shared passion for cultivating and honing their research leadership prowess. Padernal’s enthusiastic involvement reflected his unwavering commitment to advancing his personal and institutional research agenda.

The course unfurled across 11 comprehensive modules, each uniquely designed to augment the skill set required for effective research leadership. These modules encompassed a wide spectrum, including ‘The Big Picture,’ which illuminates the broader context of research, ‘Effective Work Habits’ for optimal productivity, ‘Managing Research Ethics’ for ethically sound research practices, ‘Obtaining Funding’ to fuel innovative endeavors, ‘Mentoring and Publishing’ to nurture emerging talents, ‘Managing Research Teams’ for collaborative excellence, ‘Professional Networking’ to fortify industry bonds, ‘Intellectual Property’ preservation, ‘Institutional Research Management’ strategies, and ‘Career Planning’ to pave pathways for growth.